Assistant Manager

Scottish Fine Goods

Full time Assistant Manager

We are looking for someone who will make a difference to our business, leading the team of sales adviser to deliver the best customer service in the airport. We also need you to focus on maximising sales opportunities and ensuring the smooth running of the shift.  A summary of the job description is attached below.

If you are interested in applying for the position please submit your CV to Marina

A brief description of your job duties are as follows; this list is not exhaustive

Supports Shop Manager in overseeing entire retail shop operations and supervising Sales Assistants to reach planned revenue goals. Deputises in Shop Managers absence.

Provides excellent customer service at all times, role modelling the behaviours required by the Sales Assistants.

Will process on-line orders and shipping from web sales.

Ensures staff use Epos systems and databases accurately to drive profit. Is responsible for checking orders on arrival.

Maintains adequate inventory levels for sale on shop floor. Takes part in routine inventories.

Takes immediate action to address any safety concern or non compliance of safety rules that could put an employee, customer or the organisation at risk.

Sets clear tasks for the Sales assistants on a shift by shift basis. Feeds back performance data on Sales Assistants for performance appraisals by the Shop Manager. Addresses performance issues when required.

Addresses complaints and resolves problems to ensure friendly and efficient service.

Ensures effective merchandising of products to the highest standards throughout the day.

Undertakes general maintenance and care of gift shop ensuring that the shop and stockroom are clean and well presented at all times.

Brings to the attention of the Shop Manager any issues that may be prejudicial to the successful and smooth running of the trading operation generally.

Projects and maintains positive relations/interactions with customers/ suppliers/ business partners/staff.

Takes part in shop promotions such as distributing leaflets

Pays in cash banking.

Opens and closes shop.

Performs other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management.

Works in all areas of the Shop as needed. Undertakes duties of Sales Assistants as required.


This checklist is also a useful guide to the role of Assistant Manager


Ensure tasks on daily checklists completed

Front of shop and table presented correctly ALL

Lighting and defects reported including tills and streamline ALL

Defects followed up.

Stationary- ordered in sufficient time


Replenished daily from stock room / cupboards/ container ALL

Low stock sheets completed ALL

Customer request forms actioned on stock delivery.

Goods In stock ALL

Ensure pricing and signage is visible and accurate. ALL

Staff:  ALL

Coach and train staff both on induction and an ongoing basis

Provide feedback and recognition for staff for jobs well done.

Deal with non performance at the time and advise mgt team of ongoing issues.

Ensure staff working to section task sheets.

Complete 5 a day

Provide mgt with information for six monthly performance reviews

Ensure staff sections managed according to plans

If you are interested in applying for the position please submit your CV to Marina